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Learn more about CIC Chain and its versatile tech

CIC Chain was designed to be as versatile as physically possible, to cater for all users

Our focus is on delivering a smart contract platform with superior scalability and security, backed by a whole ecosystem of services and functionalities. We have over 20 expert developers working on CIC Chain as we speak, and the goal is to increase our team sevenfold within the next six months.

Throughout this article, we’ll be expanding on our main goals and the capabilities of our token and blockchain.

Crazy Internet Coin

Crazy Internet Coin is the utility token of the CIC Chain. It will be the token responsible for powering our ecosystem, giving token holders access to our multitude of upcoming services.

It is designed to stand out due to its name, leaving a lasting impression on both users and investors. In other words, we are leveraging the popularity of meme coins to have increased exposure to our protocol.

To name our token “Crazy Internet Coin” took some audacity, but we believe it’s the best route to success. It also matches the high ambitions of our team and the desire to achieve great things within the blockchain industry.

Use Cases

The utility of Crazy Internet Coin is derived from the power of the blockchain it is being built on. Below is a list of services and decentralized applications (dApps) we are building.

First off, our token will be used to enable payments for the business and banking sectors, thanks to its compliance with ISO20022. The payment gateway will allow instant conversion of CIC and fiat currencies.

Staking and trading will also be made available on our upcoming decentralized exchange (DEX), CrazySwap. Together with its launchpad, CICpad, the staking of CIC will enable holders to earn passive income in a variety of different tokens and earn designated whitelist spots for projects launched on our blockchain.

And finally, we will be implementing our own unique stablecoin ecosystem backed by CIC. Our first stablecoin, CUSD, will enable the liquidation of assets on our exchange and will be backed 1:1 by US Dollar reserves. Through CUSD and future stablecoins, we enable businesses to keep their funds on the blockchain and, thus, keep ecosystem liquidity high.

About CIC Chain

CIC Chain is a novel smart contract platform that leverages state-of-the-art technology and a new consensus mechanism (Imprism) to achieve high scalability, security, and low transaction fees.

Being compatible with other programming languages and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the CIC Chain enables the easy migration and creation of dApps. The protocol is also compatible with ISO20022, a popular communication standard used by financial institutions for international transfers.

CIC Chain is backed by its own utility coin, Crazy Internet Money (CIC), and several other products in the pipeline, such as a payment gateway, pegged stablecoin, launchpad, and decentralized exchange (DEX).

To know more about our protocol, check our whitepaper and follow us on Twitter.

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