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CIC Chain: The most intelligent smart contract platform on the planet
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CIC Chain is fully compliant with the ISO20022 messaging standard

CIC Chain is a blockchain built for everybody. We meticulously planned every single detail to create the most intelligent smart contract platform on the planet. ‘Crazy Internet Coin’ is a nod to the meme coin investor, but under the hood we have everything you will ever need to build the biggest and most robust applications you can imagine.

Why CIC Chain ?


CIC Chain has the power to scale to an enormous public platform due to the nature of ‘Imprism’ our unique Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus mechanism. It’s up to 90% more efficient than other chains.


CIC Chain can be upgraded to meet an ever changing market, if consensus is agreed upon by our validators. This will allow our platform to always remain progressive in nature, to cater to the needs of the current climate.


CIC Chain has been perfectly balanced to manage thousands of transactions per second. What’s more, our data storage system is efficient enough to ensure that this high throughput remains sustainable to the environment.

Zero Finality

CIC Chain has zero finality. Once a transaction is submitted, it is confirmed immediately and then sent to the blockchain for validation. A complete transaction can be done in just 1 second, though even at peak times you’ll never spend more than a few seconds waiting.

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We are proud to announce that CIC Chain will be integrated into BitKeep wallet and eco-system upon public launch.
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We will be integrating into the Driven eco-system where you will find many useful DeFi applications with any tokens built on CIC Chain


Blockcast is a large blockchain review and advisory company that hosts ‘AMA’ sessions inside of their social channels.


More, coming soon

We are in advanced talks with a number of development teams and a PR team. Please keep following to find out about our new partnerships and integrations

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